Electronic products design and development

Custom software Development

Asset/Inventory tracking and monitoring

Employees Safety and Tracking solutions

Freight transport access control systems

Smart factory/warehouse solutions


Freight traffic management systems

Freight transport access and control system is a flexible way of solving all the traffic flow problems around your factory or […]

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Real Time Location Systems

System tracks and locates people or assets marked with identification tags. Tracking of mobile handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets […]

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VMS LED displays

Development of various sizes and functionality LED displays. From simple numeric displays to big size VMS (Variable Message Sign) displays. Various […]

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IoT based solutions

Wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth mesh technologies are adopted to various solutions like parking guidance systems or pallet space monitoring […]

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AI based Video analytics

Video based video analytics is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Deep Learning algorithms. System is dedicated to detect free/occupied parking […]

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Parking guidance system ParkSol

Parksol – Agile parking guidance solution, that is innovative, flexible and user experience focused. System designed to help drivers quickly and […]

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Our electronic and software engineering team
is specialized in the development of new devices, equipment and software.

We give to our customer’s research and development services helping them to develop and produce new custom products for the high-tech market.

Our 10 year experience with electronic products development in Electronics fields allows us to provide high end and reliable services. Embedded systems, Sensing, IoT, Ultrasonic, TOF, Bluetooth it is just a small part of our know how we can provide for you!