AI based Video analytics

Video based video analytics is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Deep Learning algorithms. System is dedicated to detect free/occupied parking bays in Outdoor and Indoor parking areas. Special developed algorithms allow to eliminate errors caused by shadows, sunlight, snow, short camera coverages and etc. Analytics engine also have integrated cars license plate recognition (LPR) engine and recognize license plate in each individual parking space. System delivers full scope recognition for indoor and outdoor parkings:

  • Camera-based Parking Guidance System is an innovative and comprehensive solution for the modern outdoor and indoor car park.
  • It is an all-in-one system: car identification with LPR, occupancy detection, parking guidance, video surveillance, analytics, and other custom features
  • This system uses stream from CCTV cameras and detects cars in parking lots using our developed algorithm.
  • Data about parking space availability is transmitted in real-time to the Parksol system and LED displays.
  • One camera covers from 20 up to 50 fixed outdoor parking spots depending on the parking layout.
  • Monitoring software ensures the most efficient usage and management of parking lot while collecting the most necessary data: parking time, usage, license plate and, etc.

More detailed information on Parksol product web site: