Freight traffic management systems

Freight transport access and control system is a flexible way of solving all the traffic flow problems around your factory or warehouse. Systems helps to organize traffic flows starting from advance forwarders registration finishing with accessing gates and reaching assigned ramp. Solution covers tasks for different roles of employees: warehouse keeper, logist, security guards, administrator, forwarder driver, forwarder administrator and etc. All system can be adopted to client’s specific management process.

  • Specialized freight transport control software and algorithms;
  • Time schedule grid;
  • Automatic license plate recognition;
  • Various size LED guiding and ramp display;
  • Dump trucks load volume measurements;
  • Gate, ramps control modules;
  • Weights, scanners and etc. integration boards;
  • SMS and other channels notifications;
  • Trailers location systems;
  • Custom integration to customers ERP control systems.